Tax Due Dates for 2020 Including Estimated Taxes

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We want to make sure your taxes get paid on time because if you miss any deadlines you may have incurred late fees.


We’ve put a quick list of dates together to help you know the due dates. The following dates are based on the tax year 2019, coming due in 2020.


The main tax deadline for individual personal taxes is Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

Also below are the estimated tax deadlines for 2020.


Annual Tax Filing

Individuals and Families - Individual personal income tax filings (Form 1040) are due on April 15, 2020. 

C corporations (Form 1120) also file on April 15. 

S corporations (Form 1120S) and partnerships (Form 1065) file on March 15.


Estimated Tax Deadlines For 2020

Payments for estimated taxes are due on four different quarterly dates throughout the year:

  • 1Q — April 15

  • 2Q — June 15

  • 3Q — September 15

  • 4Q — January 15, 2021

You can make any estimated taxes at You can make Estimated state taxes can be paid through most state department of revenue websites. If not, you may need to mail in your payment.


Extended Returns

When you file an extension, make sure you file the extension before the appropriate tax return due date. Below is a list of when the extension is good through:

  • Form 1065 extended return — September 15

  • Form 1120S extended return — September 15

  • Form 1041 extended return — September 30

  • Form 1120 extended return — October 15

  • Form 1040 extended return — October 15

If you need help filing your taxes and getting your books in order to ensure you are not over paying taxes, make sure to reach out to us for a free tax strategy call. We look forward to working with you.




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